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Fred Vogler

Type of Work: acrylic

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Fred G. Vogler- painter- abstract expressionist.

Fred realized his talent and interest in art at the early age of six when he did his first
painting, a landscape, using a paint set borrowed from his cousin, As a teenager he took art
lessons from artist/teacher John Brady from Blowing Rock, N.C. Later, while attending art
school at UNC-Chapel Hill, he received personal tutoring from artist/staff instructor Marvin
Saltzman and graduated with a B.F.A. degree in 1977. Forty years later and retired from his
day job, Fred has re-kindled his passion for making art.

My art has no message, no opinion, no political statement. I just combine shapes and colors
and let them speak for themselves. Even within this simple format, it has the power to invoke
thoughts, emotions, and memories in the viewer which can be very different from one person to
another, revealing the God-given gift of infinite imagination in each of us.

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