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Diana Vasquez-Zurita

Type of Work: Water color, inks

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I am a Studio Artist of Ecuadorian origin living in NC for the past ten years. I obtained my Bachelor in Arts from Salem College in 2013; however my artistic development continues.

The subject of my art has always fluttered around the themes of spirituality, nature, dreams and lately, music. I focus my creative process on channeling elements of nature found in music and translating them into my work. I am not a musician and I don´t have any formal education on the subject. I use music as a voice that allows me to mentally place myself in a landscape built by the different elements of sound. Music becomes as much of an element in my pieces as the brush strokes and colors. My creative process is very emotional, however I strive to create symbols in my paintings. I like to think of art as a language beyond reason that resonates with our collective subconscious and reveals itself to us as a universal voice full of imagery from deep in our minds. I feel I have a defined art style; however the themes of my work swing from the illustrative to the abstract. I use watercolor and inks as my main medium to work with combined with pencil or pen details. The spontaneity of wet media seems to be the right way to express the fluidity of my creative process, free, sensual and intuitive.

Diana Isabel Vasquez-Zurita

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