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Ricardo Thomas

Business Name: Sukafree Entertainment
Type of Work: Realism and animations

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Facebook: Ricardo “Dirtycuttz Thomas

Twitter: Dirtycuttz


My name is Ricardo “Dirtycuttz” Thomas and I was born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC. It all began in the 5th grade when my art teacher entered my art work into Hanes Mall Art exhibit. Out of 50 art pieces 10 finalist was chosen to be exhibited in Japan and I made the cut. I received a silver metal and a write up in the Winston-Salem Chronicle for my accomplishment. At that moment at an early age I knew I was going to be an Artist. Coming up in the church, my uncle Bishop Claude D. Thomas would have me to draw a banner for whatever theme the church had that year for the annual banquets. Art would always be one of my favorite subjects through out school. I had the privilege of receiving a full scholarship at Winston-Salem State University for Football in 1998. My major was Art. During the coarse of my education I learned numerous techniques and history of Art. I learned that Art imitates life and that’s my moment of truth. So I express my life experiences through art as a way of life.

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