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Jackeline Zam

Business Name: Jackie Zam
Type of Work: sterling silver, gold, natural stones

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Facebook: Mussajewelrydesign


Jackie Zam is a Peruvian Designer Artist who specializes in the design and making of unique hand-woven jewels with gold and silver. Her aim is to combine her artful weave using precious metals with natural gemstones in order to place the most unique jewelry around a woman’s neck, on her wrist, and ears, adorning her natural beauty by enhancing her self-confidence and feminine side.

Jackie Zam’s jewels are custom-made, making use of a very old fabric weaving technique used by the Incas in the production of textiles centuries ago. A technique that has been passed on in her family from generation to generation.

Having come from a family of artists and having loved wearing hand-woven jewelry herself in her home country, her creative mind and profound love for Mother Nature, inspired her to create her first pieces of jewel using her very own knitting stitches that allow for masterful designs that reflect nature in all of its splendor, from her home in North Carolina, where she has been living since 2013 and where this dream was born.

“My dreams, my inspiration and my passion for flowers, love, and nature are my accomplices to create beautiful jewels that love and animate the soul” -Jackie Zam

Jackie Zam also has a strong passion for art and enjoys going to art museums and admiring works of art which is another important source of inspiration, and she strongly encourages anyone who feels like they were born with an artistic soul to pursue their dreams and build their own paths in a world without limits for our imagination.

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