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Sharkeith Barr

Business Name: NOARTNOLIFE studios
Type of Work: Ink/Water color paint/Markers

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Facebook: @keithkapish


Sharkeith Barr (also known as keith Kapish) was born in winston salem NC. As a kid he became infatuated with Marvel and DC comics and akira Toriama's Dragon ball Z anime which compelled him to start drawing. Coming from a family with a multitude of artist, painters,musicians,etc. Keith decided to share his art with the world in 2012 once he graduated parkland highschool. With that he went under the tutelage of his uncle in Raleigh NC. There he would find his favorite medium which was ink. To keith it spoke to his soul. He would always say that using it reminded him of silent black and white films because the expressions would give so much meaning and uninhibited emotions to the viewerro self interpret actions. All these moments came full circle which led him into the comicon world where he began to share his art and passion. This also compelled him to open up his first business knoen as "NOARTNOLIFE". His main goal was not only to become an independent artist but also a manga artist,writer, and to inspire up incoming artist to acheive their goals and become comfortable with themselves and use any problem they face in life as a beacon of self motivation that would drive them to greatness.

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