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Jen Underwood

Type of Work: Acrylic and Oil

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I am Jen, 44 years old, and I am an emerging Abstract Artist. I also love to experiment, and seem to be drawn towards geometric shapes, conceptual ideas, and color. I used to be a photographer, and now I switched to painting, loving every minute of it. I use oil, acrylic, and I love to use whatever I have to paint. A brush is very limiting to me. So I found a metal scraper and use it. I also finger paint, feeling more free, if I choose what is best at that time. I like to experiment with colors, and shapes, and try different things. I am a lot of things rolled into one: An Abstract Expressionist, some Minimalism, and would love to dive more into conceptual, and geometric art. I have too many ideas, and not enough canvas! I am very spontaneous in my work, yet meticulous.

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