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talia scott

Business Name: V by Talia
Type of Work: Digital

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Twitter: @werd_assassin


Talia Scott is an artist most known for her storytelling as a creative writer and poet. A native of Winston Salem, NC, spending some formative adult years in South Florida, she draws from personal experiences to tell a metaphorically rich story through narratives and now through visual arts. After majoring in psychology and art with a concentration in ceramics at Elon University, she entered the professional poetry and spoken word scene in Miami, FL in 2008, and then went on to earn an MA in art therapy. She works mainly with creative writing and digital collage, and her works include tributes to women, cubism, and mosaics.

Artist Statement
Crash. There’s something intoxicating about the moment the collision happens. The intersectionality of not knowing what’s to come, the first soft blowing of the senses, surrender, and oh, what if you like it? Crash is an experience. Digital collage, meets poetry, cubism meets woman, meets “there are levels to this”. Look and listen as the voice of the art is captured and told by the poet. Creative writing is my inspiration. Digital art is my runaway train. And, ain’t I a woman?

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