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Marcia Hartmann

Business Name: New Life Creations
Type of Work: Various types of seed beads, semi-precious gemstones, various cabochons, including stringing compone

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Facebook: New Life Creations


After working in the insurance field for 32 years, I retired in December, 2016 and wondered then what I would do with my time. I began beading in May, 2017, and it’s become a creative obsession since then with the birth of “New Life Creations!” I love working with various types of seed beads, semi-precious gemstones, and other components created by other great artists such as painted cabochons. My techniques include bead weaving and stringing, bead embroidery, and other beading methods. Getting to see what comes from my imagination and working with colors and shapes makes me happy and stimulates my design ideas. Sharing my pieces with friends and family and appearing in various craft venues in the area has allowed me to continue to experiment and grow my techniques and ideas. This retirement “hobby” has become a wonderful obsession that utilizes my creative juices! Hope you enjoy my work as well!

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