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Shari Lewis

Business Name: Snaps by Shari
Type of Work: Digital Photography

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Having grown up in the heart of Winston Salem, North Carolina, I started taking pictures as a young child using old disposable cameras, and using the many film rolls from my Mother's secret stash. Pictures always seemed to make a moment stand still in time, and my favorite part is how you can look at a picture and somehow feel as though you are right there again, in that moment. In my early 20's I was gifted an old Canon DSLR camera and from there, the digital world of photography exploded in my hands and has become a way for me to express these moments over and over again. As I have always loved hiking and finding a quiet spot in the middle of the woods to sit and write, my love for photography morphed into these needs of being outdoors with nature.

By hitting the mountain trails personally, my aim is to provide a view of the forest that oftentimes people miss. Being outdoors and exploring the forest is something that truly sets my mind at ease and by looking at these photographs, I can obtain the same feeling of peacefulness. My hopes are that when others view these images, they can feel the same way, but also feel the urge to want to go outside for themselves and explore everything that nature has to offer.

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