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Robyn Churn

Business Name: Robyn Churn Art
Type of Work: Acrylic on Canvas

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Robyn Churn is a painter living and working in Winston Salem, North Carolina. She moved here in 2011 from Raleigh with her husband and twin children and has since called Winston home.

Robyn's style is fun and recognizable by her use of bright color and texture. She enjoys painting with multiple mediums and trying new things, but most recently has been working on a series of brightly colored cities on canvas. Working in downtown Winston she has developed an appreciation for some of the well-known landmarks that are so loved and enjoys painting them. The scenes of downtown Winston Salem have been quite popular with both locals and travelers alike.

Robyn's art can be seen in many restaurants and businesses throughout Winston-Salem, Raleigh and along the coast of North Carolina. You can also see a rendering of a street in downtown Winston Salem on the cover of the Winston Salem 2020 Official Visitor & Relocation Guide.

Instagram @RobynChurnArt

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