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David Wasserboehr

Business Name: Flying W Graphics
Type of Work: Photographer

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Facebook: David Wasserboehr


My art career started as soon as I could pick up a crayon. Both my parents were professional artists. My formative years were literally spent drawing and painting within eye shot of either parent.

I earned my BFA in painting from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. I bravely entered the business world, discovering quickly I had three choices: stay in school for my Master's, earn a teaching certificate, or enter the workforce. Paying bills won out.

It was a few years of factory work before I was able to get in to a department store sign shop. Then, I migrated to their advertising department. This still was not right, as I wanted to work as a graphic designer. Later, I secured an entry position in the art department of a major corporation where I gained experience daily, on the job. Working my way up the ladder, I finally achieved Art Director. Because the work was so demanding on my time and energies, my personal art suffered. I wanted to branch out, and the opportunity to teach visual design at the Sawtooth Center in Winston-Salem arose. It was a lot of fun to help young entrepreneurs gain a working knowledge to develop identity programs and promotional materials.
And yet… it was not quite enough. I didn’t feel "called" to pursue teaching. I returned to my freelance business and developed it over time to work with a variety of clients and projects. During this time, I was introduced to an emerging technology- computer graphics and digital photography. My traditional art training was not amused. But, I got an "ah-ha" moment when I realized that the computer and the computer in that camera were just tools. My Fine Arts training would still guide the new “tools” just as I was trained in paintbrush and canvas.

I immersed myself in learning an array of programs, and developed skills in 2D and 3D digital illustration, web design, and my specialty, photo restoration.

As the technology improved, I have enjoyed combining Macro photography and digital special effects with my fine art skills. My 21st century tools allow me to showcase both traditional compositions and more eclectic works. Currently, I have 3 series in development: "Wizard of Oz" fantasmic flowers, Sea Life, and a traditional still life.

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