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David Brown

Business Name: David Brown Photography
Type of Work: Portrait Photography

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My wife and I are from New Mexico. We moved away in 1986 due to the economy. We have also lived in Tennessee and Virginia, we now reside in Mount Airy North Carolina. We have not regretted moving from our hometown accept for not seeing our family on regular basis. In New Mexico I shot film, then I took a hiatus from photography while raising a family. The switch from film to digital was a natural transition, I am very glad I have had the experience of shooting with film. Now I am a wedding photographer starting to do more portrait and glamour style shoots. People seem to be my best subject for capturing images. I like all kinds of shots that require lighting. I have learned that light is very important to the image. Even if I am doing a natural light shoot I will try to enhance the image with some type of lighting.

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