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Deanna Thompson

Type of Work: Painting/Drawing/Mixed Media/Sculpture

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Deanna Thompson was born in Waterloo, Iowa in 1998. Her life, her palette, and her vision of the world, however, have been anything but stationary. Growing up, Deanna and her family would move multiple times across the midwest as her father's job changed. With this somewhat "nomadic" life came a more enlarged view of the world, especially for a young child. Home had an entirely new meaning that was detached from the typical brick walls and cozy chimney people associate a house with. These life changes were just beginning to plant seeds of creativity inside the already vast imagination of a young girl. As Deanna began high school in Louisville, Kentucky, she began to realize her talents–in art class she would create and be astonished by the work that her hands could do, the ideas her mind could devise. With practice and teaching, she was consistently drawn to painting and drawing. Following her sophomore year of high school, Deanna and her family moved from Kentucky, her home of 7 years, to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Such a transition in a very impressionable stage of life was somewhat traumatic, yet it was in this stage of life Deanna began to realize her fondness for working with mixed media as well as the satisfaction of truly expressing herself in art. She began to use art as a means of exploring her emotions and finding an outlet for the thoughts she couldn't quite put into words. At UNC Chapel Hill, she is continuing to explore her talents in drawing, painting, and mixed media and learning what it means to be a young artist in the midst of competitive academics and express her ideas in a world in which it is hard to be heard over the masses.

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