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Ashley Landreth

Business Name: A.K. Landreth
Type of Work: Abstract Painting

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Ashley Landreth is a local artist working from her studio in downtown Winston Salem, NC. She has been painting since 2009.
She has showcased some of her art at The Breath and the Clay Art Conference with other artists nationwide while also having a series of her work displayed in coffee shops across town.
She is a self taught artist that is passionate about experimenting with color, form, lines and textures. She draws her inspiration from travel experiences, emotions, thoughts, and nature.

Her view of beauty and art are both broad and bold and ever evolving, as are her works.

Her favorite mediums are acrylic and oils on wood and canvas.
With the desire to live in a constant state of hope filled wonder, she strives to inspire others to not only see but to experience beauty and art in a new and captivating way

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