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Jaid Haynes

Type of Work: Portraits & Insects in Colored Pencil

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I am originally from Mount Airy but, I like to call Winston-Salem my home because of its great appreciation for the arts that I've noticed living downtown. I have always loved art but was never sure if i wanted to make it a career until my first year of high school. I have explored almost every type of two-dimensional media you can think of (graphite, oil paints, watercolors, charcoal, mixed media, etc.). For now, my favorite medium is prismacolor colored pencils. I like that they are smooth, rich in color, and very versatile. I love to do portraits because every human face is unique and beautiful. I enjoy paying attention to every detail and interpreting it in my own style. I've been researching new types and styles of art to try them out for myself in hopes of expanding my artistic knowledge and skill.

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