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Dorothy Sweet

Business Name: Dory Sweet Art
Type of Work: Painting and Poetry

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My work is eclectic. I started writing poems in 2012 and painting in 2016. I continue to evolve as an artist while exploring different mediums and techniques. Instead of selecting a specific approach, each project guides the choices I make. I find inspiration all around me – in things found in everyday life and the beauty of nature. My faith and experiences are a constant influence in my art. Where possible, I like to incorporate repurposed items into my projects. The bark from a tree struck by lightening became a canvas for a wooden nativity. A discarded glass block becomes a nightlight. Vinyl record albums are transformed into painted clocks. Acrylic paint drippings are captured to create magnets and bookmarks.

In 2017, I started offering my art at local craft fairs. My poems sparked conversations with cancer survivors and caregivers who ask about my work. This unexpected platform allows me to share how I emerged from “the dark side” of cancer treatment because of art and the endless support of Cancer Services. Where appropriate, I encourage individuals to make contact with Cancer Services. I also promote the work of Cancer Services by donating 10% of profits from all sales.

When I return home from each craft fair, I am both exhausted and exhilarated. Each time a smile spreads across the face of someone looking at my art, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I am also thankful that my experiences give insights to other individuals struggling with cancer. My goal is to continue my journey of recovery and sharing by becoming more involved in the local arts community. I want to reach more people…to touch their hearts and bring a smile to their faces.

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