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Nicole Arnold

Type of Work: Watercoloe/2-D/Ink/Handlettering

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Twitter: nicolearnoldnc


Artist Statement 2018

Visual Art
All my life, I have created visual art. My focus in recent years is to teach art to as many adult students as I can reach. The internet has provided an excellent opportunity to reach more students with quality, affordable art instruction platforms.

Art-o-mat also plays a large role in my personal art production. I believe in the need to reach the public with affordable, accessible art. I also support Art-o-mat’s upcycling theme through the refurbishment of former cigarette machines to vend art.

Podcast, Audio and Video Production
For the past several years, I have produced teaching videos for my online students as well as short tutorial videos. I also have produced podcasts to explain the vision of other artists and provide for a “deep dive” experience for art aficionados.

In this effort, I create website portals for content creators and artists to help expand their footprint and facilitate their marketing efforts.

The goal behind my art is to uplift, inspire, and provide historical reference in a visual medium. I work in acrylics, watercolor, ink, gouache, and digital media.

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