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Edgar Rodas

Business Name: Edgar Rodas
Type of Work: Photography

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Edgar Rodas is an architect, a photographer and an aspiring writer. Born and raised in Guatemala, one of his passions is traveling and seeing the world.

Though he entered the world of photography in search of a hobby, it has become so much more. His photographs have been exhibited at galleries in Minneapolis MN, and as a solo exhibition in the Italian Club of Guatemala, for the 120th anniversary, recently in Donistia, Basq Country, Spain. He was honored to have photographs selected for publication in The Best Photos of the Photographic Club of Guatemala 2014 and The Best Photos of the Photographic Club of Guatemala 2015. One photograph was selected by the Guatemalan Academy of Heraldic and Historical Genealogical Studies for publication as their postcard. Several of his photographs were donated for a 2014 Charity Auction in Minnesota.

His affiliations include membership in the Photography Club of Guatemala. Since moving to Winston-Salem in January, 2018, he has become a proud member of AFAS and Associated Artists of NC. Edgar’s work will be featured in several art shows in the coming months.

For further information, you could see more of his work: or Instagram @edgarrodasphotography

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