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Carolina Corona

Type of Work: Painting & Mixed Media

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I was born in Veracruz, Mexico. As a child I did not receive an art education in school. The only time I was able to learn how to create different crafts was when I watched a short on TV titled Cositas. Before the show came on, I would rush to get a shoe box from under my bed that I had filled with art materials. When I was 10 years old, I migrated to North Carolina and finally started taking art classes. I LOVED it! In college, I started exploring art more freely. I took a figure drawing class and I became very interested in the human form. I am also fascinated by nature and all of its faces. I enjoy combining these two subjects.

Every time I go on a nature trip, I discover something new. I enjoy looking from angles that most people would not see. When I go to the ocean, I like to squat down and look from down low as a small crab would. I like to wear goggles under the water and look up at the sun to see what a fish would see. I like taking close up photos of objects around me, especially in nature. I find details that you only get the privilege to see if you are up close to an object. Those details are for us to see, for us to indulge in, and for us to get lost in.

I love daydreaming, diving deep into my thoughts and exploring myself, my views, my desires, my fears, and more. Through my art, I paint a small part of those desires, of those fears, of myself. Like Thornton Wilder said, “Art is Confession; Art is the secret told.” I only hint at it. I am not revealing myself completely or directly through my art work, but I am there. Wilder continues, “But art is not only the desire to tell one’s secret; it is the desire to tell it and hide it at the same time.” When I paint I lose track of time, I become absorbed, and I am free. I want to share with others.

Instagram: Corona Fine Art

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