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David Kessler

Business Name: David M Kessler Fine Art
Type of Work: Acrylic Abstract Paintings

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The two comments that David M. Kessler always hears from people who see his work for the first time are “I Love Your Use of Color!” and “Amazing Energy!” His high level of energy comes through on the canvas in the form of expressive brushstrokes and movement-filled composition. As David says, “I use the process of abstraction to create paintings utilizing spontaneity as a conduit for creativity.”

The interplay of structure and spontaneity and the delightful contrast they produce informs my current body of work. As an artist I understand that a painting needs structure created by utilizing the design elements of line, shape, color, value and texture to form the framework that supports the painting. Structure alone however, does not create the delight in the work and for that I look to spontaneity. While structure is constrained and premeditated, spontaneity is unconstrained and unpremeditated, providing the perfect contrast.

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