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Keets F. Taylor

Business Name: Keets
Type of Work: Painting/Illustration/Fine Craft/Writing

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Keets is a creative collaborator by inclination and practice. With a some-what quirky sense of humor, she paints things for people; all kinds of things, memories from their life, things they love, and things that make them laugh. What is it exactly you are looking for? What size is the space?

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In 2018, Keets founded Tromploy, an arts enterprise to promote interactive arts experiences and to open an unconventional year-round arts entertainment venue in Winston-Salem. It's a big idea with room for many heads and hands. Although handicapped by lack of an obvious venue, pursuing an immersive art attraction in the "City of Arts and Innovation" seemed a natural fit. An amazing team is coming together to collaborate and to invite support for an evolving unconventional 21st century vision.

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