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Andrea Eller

Business Name: Dre’s Designs
Type of Work: Wirework Jewelry & Decor

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I am a German native who moved to the US at the age of 19. I have had a lifelong interest in
artistic pursuits that have ranged from fabric and yarn arts to painting and pottery and that finally
led me to wirework jewelry. My self taught journey into wirework began only about 4 years ago,
but it has become my passion and joy. I have worked at perfecting my craft, but both my skills an
my style continue to evolve as I gain more and more experience. Until fairly recently I had to
split my time between jewelry making and a full time sales position in the corporate world, but I
am currently pursuing wirework jewelry making full time.
My mission is to create functional, wearable jewelry pieces that draw inspiration from a variety
of sources including nature, industrial designs and fantasy. My focus is on creating meticulously
crafted wire work that is unique in both its design as well as quality. My favorite materials are
copper and silver wire along with a variety of stone, glass and ceramic beads.

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