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John S. Rushton

Business Name: Rushton Abstracts
Type of Work: Acrylic Painting

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Facebook: John S. Rushton, artist


Rushton paints original abstract art with fire and passion. His works depict strong emotion, depth and an explosion of color, and are featured in collections throughout the United States.

Influenced by the artistry of the abstract expressionists, Rushton’s pallet knife makes broad statements in walls of excitement. In his home studio, Rushton captures the hues of nature and mixes them with the mystery of the abstract world. Staring into a Rushton original, one can spend hours escaping into a world unlike any other.

Each piece is inspired by and dedicated to select pieces of music, from every musical genre and movement.

Rushton’s work has been featured regularly in the shows at AFAS, including Shine, Unbound and Unleashed and 2018’s solo exhibit Rushton:Abstractification.

Rushton is especially known for his commissioned pieces, which incorporate the individual patrons color and musical selections, making for a truly personal and original work of art, created especially for your home or office.

instagram: @rushtonabstracts

This is a list of his paintings shown on this page:
1) “Enzo” 30 x 40 – Painted to selections by Tame Impala, Yes, John Prine and James Taylor
2) “Nocturnal” 48 x 60 – Painted to A Little Night Music soundtrack, The Dark Knight soundtrack and Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits
3) “Altered States” 36 x 36 – Painted to Avalon by Roxy Music, Chicago VII and Love it to Death by Alice Cooper
4) “Bannockburn (Allt a Bhonnaich) 40 x 60 – Painted to the Braveheart soundtrack
5) “Eroica” 40 x 60 – Painted to Beethoven’s Third Symphony, Doctor Zhivago and Grand Prix soundtracks.
6) “West Side Story” 48 x 60 – Painted to the original soundtrack of the Broadway show, West Side Story.
7) “Tree of Life” 30 x 40 – Painted to French Kiss by Bob Welch and Zoso by Led Zeppelin.
8) “Primeval” 30 x 40 – Painted to Miles David selections, including Kind of Blue, Bitches Brew and Relaxin with the Miles Davis Quintet.
9) “Feel Flows” 48 x 60 – Painted to Cinema by Skylar Gudasz, selections from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and The Associations Greatest Hits. Also the song, Feel Flows by The Beach Boys.
10) “Id Love to Change the World” 48 x 60 – Painted to the music of Ten Years After.
11) “Hurricane” 36 x 48 – Painted to Big Dog by Seven Nations, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Greatest Hits and Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles.
12) “Tahiti” 36 x 48 – Painted to Les Miserables Original Cast Soundtrack and Surfin Safari by The Beach Boys.
13) “Pollock Likes to Surf” 36 x 36 – Painted to Immortal Beloved soundtrack, Facing Future by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and Hat Trick by America.
14) “Big Bang” 48 x 60 – Painted to an eclectic selection of jazz greats
15) “The Glade (The Glad Where Achilles Went to Ponder Immortality) 36 x 48 = Painted to Revolver, Beatles For Sale, Help and A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles.
16) “Life” 48 x 60 – Painted to Notting Hill, The Sting, Urban Cowboy and Big Wednesday soundtracks.
17) “Flight of the Phoenix” 36 x 48 – Painted to 13th Warrior and Elizabeth the Golden Age soundtracks
18) “Ascension” 48 x 48 Painted to the John Adams and Out of Africa Soundtracks.

19) “Coy Koi” 48 x 36 – Painted to “Billy Elliott” and “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” soundtracks.

20) “Banzai Pipeline” – 48 x 60 Painted to “Chariots of Fire” and “Dances with Wolves” Soundtracks

21) “The Spark of Creation” – 48 x 60 Painted to: “The Greatest Showman” Soundtrack and “The Dream of the Blue Turtles” by Sting

22) “Vitamin Sea” – 48 x 60 Painted to “Listen Without Prejudice” by George Michael and “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles

23) “Passion Reef” 48 x 60 Painted to: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” soundtrack, “surf’s Up” by The Beach Boys and “Anam” by Clannad

24) “Butterfly” – 36 x 48 Painted to a live recording of Madame Butterfly, featuring Andrea Bocelli and Carla Maria Izzo at the Coro del Festival Puccini.

25) “Sea Glass” 30 x 40 Painted to “Up, Up and Away” by The Fifth Dimension, “Silk Degrees” by Boz Scaggs and “Across the Universe” Soundtrack

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