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Adam Mowery

Business Name: Adam Mowery
Type of Work: Fine Art Landscape Photography

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Facebook: Adam Mowery-Photography


Adam is an adventurer, creative thinker, and constantly pushes life to the limits. He will never
be caught "status quo". To Adam, creativity is a lifestyle not just a means to and end. Adam
believes there is good to be found in everything and that belief is constantly reflected in his
work. For Adam, it's not what we have, it's what we do with it that matters.
To him light, whether natural or artificial is a language to portray an emotion or statement in a
way words never could. From staged to spontaneous, his photography evokes genuine beauty
from every angle. Adam combines 17 years of shooting experience with a renewed since of
wonder and imagination to create amazing images from every corner of the world. His work has
been seen in National Publications such as Backpacker Magazine and National Parks Magazine
to name a few!

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