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Christy Jerrett

Business Name: Paintings by Christy Jerrett
Type of Work: Acrylic and Oil

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Creating art work is challenging and satisfying, sharing it with others brings me great joy. Painting inspires me to tell a story or capture the essence of a scene that has left an everlasting impression on me. Painting encourages me to problem solve and try new things, new methods, tools, colors, and subjects. I am challenged by the question of; how can I place color on a canvas to portray an idea or feeling.

I use primarily acrylic and oils on canvas. I like texture in my work; so many times I use a palette knife. I gather most of my inspiration from being outdoors with nature, and I am intrigued by light patterns, shadows, and colors.

Christy took an art class while studying at Appalachian State University. She began painting in 2008. While working as a School Counselor, taking painting classes during the summer months was a fun creative way to express her ideas. Painting soon became her passion, and since retirement Christy has devoted more of time to painting.

Christy paints in her home studio north of Winston-Salem, NC. She has taken various classes at Salem College, Forsyth Technical School, Sawtooth Center for Visual Art, Art of the Carolina workshops and with several artists in the area.

Christy is a member of The Carolina Painters' Guild and Art For Art's Sake. She also enjoys painting weekly with artists in her community. She has exhibited in several juried shows including Red Dog Gallery, the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center, and Stokes County's Apple Gallery.

Christy's paintings are currently displayed at the Red Dog Gallery, and Art o Mat machines around the country. Christy's artwork can be viewed on her website, In additon to her website her paintings can be viewed online; Red Dog Gallery at,, Instagram and Facebook. (Paintings by Christy Jerrett)

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