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Christy Jerrett

Business Name: Paintings by Christy Jerrett
Type of Work: Impressionism in Oil

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When creating a new painting, I hope to capture the beautiful colors, reflections, and shadows that can be found in American landscapes. Whether painting flowers from my gardens, a Carolina coastal scene, or a subject enjoyed while traveling in the country, my intent is for the viewer to feel a sense of peace, serenity, and joy. I find that traveling to new places and seeing different sights energizes and encourages my creativity. The various land forms and cultural experiences encountered while traveling make a way for expression through my art.

Through my painting, I am trying to capture the essence of a scene that has left an everlasting impression on me and bring it to the viewer. Painting challenges me to be more observant, creative, and satisfy my desire to use my imagination. It is a fun and rewarding way to share with others my appreciation for beautiful tranquil scenes in a world that can sometimes feel unsettling.

Throughout my life, I have admired other people’s artwork. After being inspired by other people’s ability to paint, I began painting in 2008. While working as a School Counselor, I took several painting classes during the summer months. Painting soon became a passion, and since my retirement in 2013, I now have the time devote to my painting.

I have used oils, acrylics, and alcohol ink. My favorite medium is oil, and I enjoy using the palette knife to create texture in my work. I have taken various classes at Salem College, Forsyth Technical School, Sawtooth Center for Visual Art, Art of the Carolina workshops, and with other artists in the area.

I am a member of The Muddy River Art Association, The Carolina Painter’s Guild, and also paint weekly with the Polo Painters. I have been a member of the Associated Artist in Winston-Salem. My paintings are displayed at various locations in Winston-Salem, NC.

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