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Paul DiLena

Type of Work: 3-D Paper Photo Art

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My wish is to remind people that there is always so much more to life than their own personal perception or beliefs. What looks chaotic and skewed from one angle might be really beautiful from another. What may appear beautiful from afar might be misleading and not as perfect as one might think.

I’m fascinated by nature. All earthly things tie back to nature. We can look to nature for guidance and help in understanding life. The natural world around us is full of inherent messages coded within its design and workings. My current work seeks to establish a harmony within my creative self. To find balance between the freedom of art making and the discipline of design. For me the two exist intertwined and inseparable. It's inspiring to see how the different modes of thinking can enhance one another. The two combined can take you to unexpected places that neither could alone.

Sharing my view of the world around me through my art excites me! I guess that’s why I love it so much. Each new piece I make is this wonderful surprise where I get to discover something that didn’t exist before. When someone else enjoys what I’ve unearthed it’s really humbling. It allows me to establish a very deep and transcendent human connection.

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