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Jason Lancaster

Business Name: 46 Studios
Type of Work: Mixed Media

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Jason Lancaster is a resident of Winston Salem, and currently a member of the Art faculty at Forsyth Tech. A wide variety of interests have driven Jason in many different directions, but since receiving an MFA from Radford University in 2009 he has taught in and around Winston Salem while pursuing further education in both Art History and Exercise Science.
The earliest connection Jason had with the arts in any way were as a young comic book nerd, a lasting influence. When teamed with an early interest in sports and a driving curiosity, this became an introduction to the human form (even in exaggerated states) as a machine- a tool. This is the basis the rest of the arts education built onto- Norman McLaren’s films, Umberto Boccioni’s windswept figures, Duchamp’s fractured nudes, the sensuous curves of Ingres’ exotics, the sheer physical mass of Rubens’ musculature, the frozen drama of Bernini, everything seemed to have a place.The same sense of open appropriation was taken to media. Jason has always approached his work with the mentality that the concept drives the work, and whatever media happens to suit the process was a means to that end. He believes the entirety of the creative process should be exploratory, and seek to find new boundaries in some regard for both the artist and audience. This ability to influence and provoke investigation is what drives Jason as an artist. Regardless the area being explored within the work, that commanding curiosity and scrutiny being developed since childhood is what he hopes to share through his work.

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