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Rachael Hayes

Business Name: 46 Studios
Type of Work: Mixed Media/Photography/Painting

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Rachael Hayes is a visual artist from Winston-Salem. Through experimenting with a breadth of media, she finds photography typically serves as the impetus for most of her work. Seeking inspiration from the photos of Sally Mann, and the figurative exploration of painters like Egon Schiele and Jenny Saville, she seeks out the aesthetic of the often overlooked and mundane.
Typically using photography as a point of departure, Rachael explores a variety of media while drawing on personal experience in pursuit of providing voice for what she sees as her truths.
As her creative process and skill set continue to evolve, she aspires to more directly pull together the pieces of a fragmented world. The work Rachael produces presents a view of her attempts to connect personal experiences with a world that doesn’t always seem to fit.

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