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Priscilla Williams

Business Name: A Creative Mind
Type of Work: Mixed-Media/Jewelry/Collage/Mosaics

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Facebook: A Creative Mind, An Artistic Boutique


Priscilla Williams is a local mixed-media artist, and owner of “A Creative Mind.” She has displayed work in various galleries in North Carolina, Virginia, and Alabama. She presently has work on display in the Winston-Salem, NC Arts District at North Trade Street Arts.
Oftentimes, thinking “green” and being mindful of how she can do her part to save our environment yet create something beautiful, she works with found objects and recycled materials such as newspapers, beads, egg and nut shells, broken glass, and the like. As she creates her artwork, she finds herself stimulated and relaxed at the same time.
"When I start on my creative process, I have an abstract idea of the end product; however, as I work with these materials, my artwork takes on a life of its own that becomes much more than the object that I had envisioned, thus each product is unique."

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