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Fermin Lopez

Type of Work: Blacksmith/Bladesmith

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My name is Fermin Lopez I am a 3rd generation Artesian, although my Specialty is in bladesmithing and Blacksmithing. I have been practicing the forgotten art of bladesmithing for 4 + years now I work from my homestead-style shop in Beautiful Winston Salem NC. Here, I have been able to develop my longtime interest in knife making into more than just a hobby. I began making knives seriously in 2012 and soon after I returned from the war in Iraq, Being a Soldier for 20 years thought me to always stay busy so once I retired I needed something to do. The passion for me started when I broke my favorite knife and decided to fix it instead of buying a new one. I fell in love with Damascus and soon the whole process became an obsession. Through the help and generosity of other Artesian and bladesmiths makers, my skills have improved immensely. I focus mostly on Bowies, Hunting, Utility knives and Japanese style but, I'm the type of person who always wants to better himself so I make a very wide variety of styles as is shown with all the photos on my FB web site. Every aspect of my knives is unique and done here in my shop. Iím a firm believer that a knife and sheath should be a set where one compliments the other. Thank you for the opportunity to show my talent.

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