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Rachael Cook

Business Name: Paraguas Del Mar
Type of Work: Painting, Drawing & Jewelry Sculpture

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My name is Rachael Elise Cook. I am a self-taught artist born in Abington Virginia, raised in Yadkinville and Lewisville, North Carolina and currently residing in Clemmons, North Carolina. My art tends to focus on nature wherein I find my inspiration. All the beauty and grandeur of creation inspires my artwork. I am currently traveling, gathering memories and experiences that no school could teach me. Every country, state and city I visit brings me something new, something beautiful, something unexplored. I hope you enjoy what you see and are inspired to create as well. Salvador Dali once said "A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others." Well, I think only half of that is true (although I love his work). I believe that the most brilliant artists are inspiring for the pure fact that they are inspired themselves so greatly by others and by the beauty around them. So please, live, breath, inspire and create. You can do anything you truly believe you can do, anything at all.

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