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Lisa Terry

Business Name: Artsy Fartsy Flower Pots
Type of Work: Hand Painted Terracotta Flower Pots

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I have lived in Winston-Salem for almost 40 years. Moved here as a child. Never thought I had an artistic bone in my body.
I had a huge life change almost 3 years ago when I finally wanted to get sober. I started coloring mandalas first as a suggestion from my counselor. It was to give me something else to do with my hands to get my mind off of past behaviors. I found it to be so relaxing and ended up with quite a collection of coloring books and colored pencils. Even had co-workers coloring.
November 2015 on our one year anniversary, my husband and I moved into his 1939 childhood home. It took us the whole month to paint the rooms and repair the ceiling in the kitchen so we could move in.
By spring 2016 I was excited to try my green thumb with planting flowers. I think it started when I saw some painted pots online. I also came across terracotta pots and patio paint at a local craft store so I bought some just to give it a try.
I was hooked.
I love how the colors just transform the pots. I already saw our house transformed with new paint, but this was something more. I started by painting pots for my own use of planting. I would take pics and post on social media and my friends and co-workers kept suggesting I should start selling them. I started by making them as gifts. That helped spread the word. Then by this summer (2016) I made a Facebook page. So it has been less than a year to find this new labor of love. I work a FT job as a financial educator/counselor and coach at Financial Pathways of the Piedmont where I have been for 14 years. So I paint on the side. I just participated in my first craft show yesterday and hope to use this platform as another method of sharing my work. I have been so blessed the past couple of years. Sobriety has opened up a whole new life for me in many ways.

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