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Katie Schermbeck

Type of Work: Abstract Painting

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Katie Schermbeck was born in Raleigh, NC in 1991. She received a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Appalachian State University in 2012. From there, she entered the world of education as a Teach For America Corps Member & began teaching English. However, in 2013, she began exploring her talents as an artist & developed a love for visual arts. Schermbeck has exhibited in Charlotte, NC & her work is displayed in many private collections within North Carolina & beyond. She is been featured as a contributing artist in styled shoots and for individual features. Schermbeck now lives and works in Winston-Salem North Carolina with her loving husband, Kyle.

All stories deserve to be shared, developed, & rewritten. I believe in the strength of story, the power of narrative, and the importance of feeling. As an artist, I am a visual storyteller & seek to transform memories into another medium.

All works are done in love. I cannot say what my art means – only how it makes me feel: limitless, brave, humbled, present. And I can only hope that it makes you feel those same things too.

I love to be around people. I'm an ENFP & have introverted tendencies, but, I draw my energy from others & love to just be in the company of people. I'm slowly finding my footing as an artist & won't pretend to have it all together. I love to create & I love it when what I create allows others to connect & to feel. I don't know color theory & I don't have a fancy art degree (although, I really wish I did!) – I'm VERY self-taught, but believe in the tenacity of starting small & learning through experience.

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