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Jessica Rambo

Business Name: The Painted Buffalo
Type of Work: Graphic Design

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Facebook: PaintedBuffaloDesigns


Jessica is a native Long Island adventure seeker who enjoys graphic design, photography and videography. With a focus in graphic design – Jessica is also skilled in candid, portrait and landscape photography, as well as design and video editing.

Jessica is a United States Marine Corps veteran by completing ten years of Active Duty as a Multimedia Reproduction specialist – Combat Cameraman. Jessica has traveled the globe in search of vivid images and adventures that capture the essence of hardworking service members. Driven by the passionate belief that every person deserves a voice, she takes care to craft the stories and designs of even the easy to ignore. “Everyone has a story to tell. Like hidden gems, these people don’t think the things they do are interesting and important but they are. The audience is looking to hear about these stories; these stories are emotional, motivational, and inspirational.” She began her career on the island of Oahu as a Combat Lithographer. Ready for a new challenge, Jessica re-enlisted and began her last tour of duty at the coveted building, The Pentagon. This is where she strove to push her talent and knowledge to higher limits. During this time Jessica started to freelance her work and "The Painted Buffalo" was created. Although she is a veteran, her experience as a Combat Cameraman continues to fuel her passion for graphic design, photography and videography. It is with a sense of pride in her roots that she is still seeking to capture the moments of people’s lives.

Jessica is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree to settle into a Elementary school Art Teacher or Art Therapist position in North Carolina.

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