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Bill Scherbak

Type of Work: Painting, Impressionistic

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Facebook: Bil Scherbak


William ”Bill” Scherbak: Born in Cleveland Ohio, 1940. Now living in Lewisville, NC.
The arts have always been an integral part of my life and as a child I would take time from a busy play schedule to draw and color. I disliked coloring books because they required me to stay in the lines limiting self expression. I preferred the freedom in my own creations.
Sales and Marketing was my chosen profession and provided me with an opportunity to explore a different creative side. After many years in the corporate world the artist in me won over and in my early 60s I started painting again. After all those years since my childhood, I find that I still resist staying inside the lines.
One of my instructors described me as a narrative painter in that many of my works tell a story or provoke thought. It’s gratifying when an individual personalizes one of my paintings with their own story. Maybe you’ll find your story in one of them.
Being a fun loving guy, I also enjoy doing whimsical works that are fun for me to paint and hopefully for others to view.

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