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Jude Stevens

Business Name: Two Happy Potters
Type of Work: Pottery

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Hi and welcome to my bio My name is Jude Stevens and my pottery business is called the 2Happy Potters. I started making pottery over 35 years ago in my one car garage. I then made a shift into the area of interior design and buyer for furniture stores. The economy went tank in 2007 2008 and I found myself back into my true passion of creating pottery. I studied in Raleigh taking classes at the Pullen Art Center and then studied with another private instructor for a year in fine tunning and homing in on what I truly liked doing. I think it was all just building on top of each other, layers upon layers. Each piece I make is hand made. I like the pieces to be functional, colorful and whimsical. I have been commissioned by the Hyatt hotel in CA to create a 20 hanging bowl display in their lobby. I felt very honored as I do with each piece I sell. If you are wanting a piece that is happy, whimsical and colorful you have found the right place to look. I sell my art at the GSO curb farmers market on Yanceyville Street as well as Whimsical Women, Southern Charm at the Farm, this year I will be at Meals on Wheels Art show, Apple Fest in Winston and the Walnut Fest. You find my current art on I make customs all the time. Let me know if there is something I can do just for you.
Thanks for checking out my page.
Jude Stevens
Winston Salem, NC

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