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Robert Perry

Business Name: Vita Luna 100 Clothing
Type of Work: Hats, Postcards, Paintings

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I have been doing art designs since I was very young, age – 4, finger-painting, etc. in school and at home. Growing up I would mainly draw faces, pictures of people doing things, cartoon characters, and abstract designs and logos. At age 12, I could do skilled portraits of people. In middle school, I would copy logos of all the skateboard companies I knew and color them during class in my free time. My primary medium was graphite on paper and ballpoint pen on paper, the tools we were given in school. I simply took the art classes we had as part of our regular curriculum during school, and four extra curricular classes outside of school.

I have started using my art talent as an actual career in the past two and a half years, doing paintings, starting a clothing company, making postcards, hats, and other artistic things.
Creativity is my passion, and I am a very artistic person with way too many ideas to put into action.

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