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Jennifer and Ashley Wilson and Orr

Type of Work: Upcycled Art & Accessories

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Hi our names are Jennifer and Ashley. We both live here in Winston-Salem. We started out painting memorial rocks for Ashley ' s son who passed away in 2012. We put the rocks out in his garden at her house and also under his memorial tree that is planted out at Muddy Creek. We got so many complements on the work we had done. Our friends and family started asking if we would make personalized rocks for them. We had so many orders we decided to start selling them. Since then we have started spending all of our spare time working on other projects. We have made dog leash/treat boards, candle holders, flower pictures made of old tin cans and other metal scraps. All of out stuff is made mostly from things we find around the house and yard. We are very excited to get our art work out where the public can see it. Most of all we just want to see people's reactions to all of our hard work.

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