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Jimmy Pica

Business Name: Jim Pica Photography
Type of Work: Photography

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Facebook: Jim Pica Photography


I was born in The Bronx NY and lived in the NYC area for about 32 years. I made the crazy decision to jump the East River and live in New Jersey for about 8 years and where I met my awesomely creative wife Dalia. We moved down to Winston Salem in July of this year to be part of the artistic and city renaissance that seems to be taking place here. Photography has always been my passion. I love and appreciate all mediums of art but photography has been my favorite. My work is extremely broad from fashion and model shoots to action sports to product shots to my favorite, my own creative projects. My philosophy has always been to "find beauty in imperfections". I gave up a lot up north to come down here and fulfill my dream of, well, just being a part of a true creative art community.

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