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Melissa Curran

Business Name: Pixie Garden and Gifts, Inc.
Type of Work: Bath/Body/Home Products, Container Gardens, Upcycled Wine Bottles

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My name is Melissa Curran and I've been a small business owner since 1994. Having a business that feeds my creativity, my soul and my family is important to me.

All art is good for your soul. My all-natural personal care products are a true art-form as they are good for your body, soul and home. I handcraft each product personally with a passion that comes from a desire to do something good for the world while at the same time, creating beauty in everyday life.

We live in a chemically-driven world and I have absolutely no illusions that I can save our world from these chemicals. But I believe in my heart that I make a difference with my creations – one product at a time. Bloom where you are planted!

The art with wine bottles and corks is a unique and creative way to up-cycle and at the same time, craft a distinctive piece of art – no two are alike and I customize each with painting and etching.

Painted terracotta container gardens are my gift to the universe. My first love in life is pots and pots of flowers in just about anything and anywhere I can place them! I believe that flowers planted in a whimsical painted pot brightens up everyday living, lifts your mood and beautifies your environment.

I love sharing my passions with the world - it's whimsy and magic for everyday life!

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