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Scott Howard

Type of Work: Watercolor

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Originally from Rochester, NY, I know cold and snow. Having the Vignelli Center in my backyard, I also know design. After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with an MFA in Computer Graphics Design, I worked at a small local ad agency, while still making appearances at RIT as an adjunct instructor of Intro to Web Design.

In September 2014, I moved to Atlanta for a promising opportunity… I swear it was promising at the time. While there, I discovered that living where it doesn’t snow for half of the year is kind of nice. So, I set my sights on an ad agency in Winston-Salem, Mullen Lowe.

I moved to Winston-Salem in April 2015. Living in Winston-Salem, the city of arts and innovation, has inspired me to take up painting watercolors again—something I haven't done since high school.

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