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Dani Kirkpatrick

Business Name: With My Hands
Type of Work: Candles, Soaps, Crochet and Curios

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I'm a writer, and a chandler; I make natural soy candles and melts, using re-purposed but safe containers, sachets, fire starters, soaps, crochet items like bath pouffes, handmade wash clothes, towel toppers, bookmarks, soap savers, headbands, ear warming headbands, and hair scrunchies. I also enjoy photography, painting, embroidery, cross stitch. I do some beading but no jewelry unless it's a commissioned piece, and finally, some paper art including stamping.

I specialize in favors for celebrations of life, like bridal and baby shower favors and gifts, maid of honor courting gifts (creative gifts that ask your special person to be your maid of honor) and bridesmaid's gifts. I love to create new, one of a kind designed items, especially tailored to the giver's personalities, or their themed event. I also make one of a kind baby gifts, christening and baptismal favors and gifts for godparents, babies, or the parents. I enjoy making one of a kind favors for wedding guest!

I am thrilled to go to baby and bridal showers, and make soap or candles at the party, with your guest! It's so much fun and creates a memorable experience for both the party organizers, as well as all of the guest!

I've been disabled for 8 years. I suffer from osteonecrosis (bone death)and two forms of arthritis, and though I still have a hard time, I've found that keeping my hands occupied, and thus, my mind, I have more control over my disability and the way I view it. Though my condition isn't improving, the way I deal with it can. It's with my hands, literally.

I'm of Scottish, Irish and Native American descent and I'm from the South. I like to think I'm from the Ole South in which ladies flirted shamelessly, every man was a GENTLEman, and they all carried handkerchiefs just for us. This South is as gentle as a summer breeze, and while we're sitting on the my imagined veranda, we'll drink sweet iced tea, fresh lemonade or a Mint Julip in broad daylight if we wish! Go ahead, sit a spell and let's gossip like school girls, as we plan the BEST soiree' seen here in years sugar!

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