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Jennifer O'Kelly

Business Name: Muse Scenic Studio, O'Kelly Design Studios
Type of Work: Sculpture/Painting/Murals/Theatrical Scenery/Performance Art

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Choice. It may not be unique to humans, but it is certainly essential to every moment spent in this existence.  It is impossible for me to conceive of life without choice. I relish taking an active role in digging into a possibility and exploring the outcome of a “what if ” but as soon as I do, cognition gives way to responsive narration, a mark giving rise to a narrative thought, leading to a gesture, inspiring a breeze blowing through a once still scene…. One of the most difficult and delightful pursuits is rendering the fleeting images that occur between my conscious “in-the-moment” brain and the ongoing imagery that mocks my cognitive thought process, revealing my thoughts closer to their root, even as the meaning or subject matter eludes me, drawing me further into, or out of, my mind; leading to new slices of narrative.

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