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Ranada Grossman

Type of Work: Watercolor/Acrylic/Mixed-Media/Mosaic/Pen & Ink

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Facebook: Ranada Williams Grossman

Twitter: Ranada Grossman


I have been an Artist since 1979 and have taught Art for 15 years. My approach is different than other than Art Teachers. I teach more from emotion rather than talent which builds students and adults confidence when they realize "they can" if they are "willing to try" since no one on the face of the earth is without emotion. I am 120% confident that I am able to turn every single person into an artist if they have that desire, give me 2 hours of their time and come to me with a positive open mind. I have proved this 10 times over in my lifetime.
I come from a tremendously talented accomplished family of artists, in stained glass, ceramics, jewelry, mosaic, glass fusing, and a number of other areas. I have family in Indiana, Virginia and Illinois.

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