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John Elliott

Type of Work: Painting/Drawing

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A working designer and artist for over a decade, John W. Elliott is a visual artist and VP of Creative Services for Zendustria, a neo-Renaissance guild of artists and designers dedicated to bringing art and design to home and office. He also maintains the R&D blog “TellTaleVisions” (, which serves as a design theory, project discussion, and artist spotlight venue. John holds a Bachelor of Industrial Design and Bachelor of Art + Design from the School of Design at NC State University with a focus on film special effects, model making, production and history. He was fortunate to have the tutelage of effects masters from ILM in model making and effects production.  He also studied Renaissance art, art history, and architecture at the Lorenzo de Medici Institute in Florence, Italy, and extensive travel throughout Europe, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria informs his work.  

Prior to Zendustria, John worked at Epic Games, Inc., studied game development, game design, concept art, and level design using the Unreal Engine suite of development tools, and took part in a character and story development master class with PIXAR’s Matthew Luhn.  Over the course of his career, he has utilized his skills to serve a variety of local companies, including Mobility Medics, where he did custom design and fabrication of special-needs parts for patients. With the software company Animated Communications, he produced character designs and concepts, 2D and 3D backgrounds for use with blue screening, and scripts for short videos. He executed season launch packages, posters, film festival collateral, print ads, t-shirt designs, and more for the historic Carolina Theatre of Durham, and has enjoyed a thriving freelance career.  John currently lives and works in Raleigh, NC.

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