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Mary Hearn

Business Name: My Friend’s Art
Type of Work: Painting & Greeting Cards

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I am a retired clinical social worker who has painted for pleasure off and on for years.  But since I retired I have painted more seriously and exhibited at Seven Oaks Gallery in Warm Springs, Va. and with the Davey County Arts Council.  I make the greeting cards for fun and sell them when friends ask for them.

Since my husband retired 3 years ago we spend much of our time traveling as that has always been our dream.  Last year we bought a condo in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  It is the arts center of Thailand, much like WS is for NC.  Many ex-pats from all over the world are drawn to Chiang Mai because of the arts.  Which is why we love to spend time there.  For the past 4 years we have spent our winters in CM and have gotten to know many artists.


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