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Eddie Reynolds

Type of Work: Fine Arts Photography and Musician

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I'm a visual artist involved in portraiture and fine arts photography . I'm also a musician who plays in a band named "Oceans Apart".

I'm 20 years old . I started photography 2 years ago . Business wise I've been taking it serious for half a year . I've been a artist since I was a child, but of course every child is born with the ability to create it's just a means of keeping in tune with it . I have work from paintings to 3-d design throughout my years of schooling. I graduated from RJ Reynolds high where I exhausted about every art class they had there in their arts program . My mother brags about my accomplishments in Scholastics arts winning 3 awards for 3 arts pieces that were recognized in a few museums in the region . I engage in occasional body paintings photoshoots with an artist named Cheryl Ann Lipstreu. I have been helping and photographing for her for a couple months now . I had my first artshow at Ma'ati Spa downtown and have shot the Black Theater Festival in conjunction with Maya Gilliam one of the head photographers for the event of the year 2013.

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