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Chad Perry

Business Name: Creative Perspective Studios
Type of Work: Photography/Surreal/Abstract

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Originally, I considered myself a musician,  the type that gravitated towards more progressive and experimental music. I always had a love for the abstract. Over the years, the creative outlet that was music became photography.  The vision and love for the abstract remained the same. That same vision became the artwork that you see on my website.

All of my pieces are based on a photograph (or photographs) i've taken.  Some of these photographs are places i've gone and some are scenes i've setup on my kitchen table.  I use random items from thrift stores, water, corn syrup, food coloring, spray paint, melted crayons, fire and anything else necessary to get the right look for the photograph.  I have a huge catalog of photographs to pull from.  My inspiration leads me to the catalog.  My pieces are created from one or more (sometimes up to 15) photographs from my catalog.  Sometimes I blend photos.  Sometimes I just alter them.  I break all the rules in the digital realm. I use Photoshop much like a carpenter uses a hammer, as an important tool that can do many things. 

In general, I do not discuss the exact contents of the original photographs I use for my pieces because that disturbs what people can see in my work.  I say "let it be in your mind and that's what it is." 

I also do "normal" photography, including weddings.  Most of my photography portfolio is available on my Facebook page.  My artwork can be seen on my main website using a feed from DeviantArt.

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