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Amy Konecny

Business Name: Unique Creations
Type of Work: Jewelry & Green Art

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My addiction to art and jewelry started in kindergarten (well it may have started earlier, but this is the earliest that I can remember) and the addiction has continued to this day. I attended UNCG majoring in Business Management and minoring in Art with the intent to be the business manager of an art gallery or museum. Thus combining my desire to work in/with the arts and my parents desire for me to get a regular paycheck. However my heart could not be reasoned with and a year after leaving school I started my own Jewelry design business. I have been inflicting upon the world my own twisted since of humor in the medium of small wearable sculptures and art since 2001. I have been featured in newspapers in North Carolina and Virginia many times . Have taught classes both in my home and at gallery's and have even won a few awards along the way. To keep myself entertained and my creative juices flowing I explore a new art form most years and usually enter/donate these experiments to charity events.

I started my green art line at the beginning of 2013.  It started partly as a way of trying new things (in the arts and crafts since), but mostly because I had gotten fed up with Reidsville's recycling center witch is randomly open despite it's posted hours and I really did not want to throw all my trash away.  It began with just a few things not going into my household trash and has expanded to friends and neighbors bringing me things to be recycled.  It has been a fun and rewarding experience so far to turn unwanted junk into useable and beautifully works of art.  I have turned old T-shirts in to scarves for both humans and pets or shopping bags, old cabnit doors into canvas for paintings, pasta  jars into hanging candle holders, soda boxes into postcards, book marks and wall art, random junk into sculpture and so much more.  Once I opned my eyes to the possibility the craft projects have been endless.  I think my favorite projects so far have been to take old run down furniture that is headed to the landfill and turning them into beautiful and functional tables and chairs again.


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