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Nicholas Elmes

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Photography was my first love in the world of media. I grew up with an old-hand-me-down Pentax as my constant companion as I harbored secret dreams of becoming a famous National Geographic photographer. Although that dream never came to fruition, I discovered great satisfaction shooting both artistically and, eventually, as a staff photographer at several community newspapers.

My photography has always focused on finding beauty, both in the spectacular, like classic landscape photography, and in the everyday world we each rush through.

A crack on a sidewalk; the curve of a vine or the certain way light falls on part of a field; the mundane things you walk by on a daily basis, can all be amazing if you only take the time to actually look at them. This is why I love photography. Every time I pick up my camera and look at the world through a lens, I am presented with a new vision of beauty. My aim as a photographer is always to capture that beauty, frame by frame.

I have been successful in bringing that artistic search for beauty to my photojournalism, seeking to capture not just beauty, but that magic moment that truly tells the story.

My work has been featured in a variety of shows throughout Virginia over the past decade, and has been recognized by the Virginia Press Association.

Although I am classically trained in black-and-white darkroom techniques, I am constantly developing my digital processing techniques using a variety of programs including Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks and Lightroom, Corel Painter, and a variety of plugin enhancements for those programs.

I am currently working a series focusing on night and motion photography around the Winston-Salem area."

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